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Bloated drains, leaky plumbing, and blockages can cost thousands each year. This is because they all come from one thing: the root of a plant. However, getting rid of these imperfections on your pipes and drainage systems can be tricky (and expensive) with current methods. A new solution is available; Mr Blocked drains Canberra utilizing a particular machine that pumps herbicidal foam into the pipe to destroy their roots.

As we know, the large root-guzzler, Just as a tooth is a convenient tool for scraping plaque and food around your mouth, roots are also beneficial tools to help wash away food and particles in the soil. However, when they frequently find their way into your drains, they can become quite hazardous. When roots block a drainage pipe, it causes the water flow to slow down tremendously. This can cause sewer gasses to leak out of the pipe and into your home. Even worse is that it can lead to extensive damage to both your building’s structure and the plumbing system itself.

If you need a root-free plumbing system quickly, the big solution is to go back to basics. We use a specific powder that controls roots called Rootx. For 24 months after treatment, RootX is guaranteed to maintain 8-inch and larger municipal sewage systems free of clogs caused by live root growth. The warranty is 12 months for smaller 4- to 6-inch service laterals. RootX should be used every 1-2 years as part of routine sewer maintenance. This can help neutralize damage caused by roots and prevent any future blockages from occurring.

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